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Complete digital production process

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Complete digital production process from CAD over hard milling to the trimmed part.

This guarantees forged blanks with close tolerances from the first until the last part, also calibrated on request. 

Furthermore bronner+martin is offering services for outside companies such as hard milling, EDM, tool and die manufacturing

Product spectrum

bronner+martin is able to supply very different customers around the world thanks to its wide product range.

bronner+martin produce a multiplicity of blanks for surgical instruments made of stainless steel, which after refinement by the customer are then ready for the relevant purpose.

Blanks therefore become surgical instruments for every conceivable operation in a wide range of medical disciplines.

 At the same time bronner+martin produce also components for engines and transmissions and last but not least a range of exclusive lifestyle accessories.



bronner+martin is characterized by a very extensive range of production.

The only purchased item for us is our supply of raw materials and we do every single step of production ourselves - including heat treatment.


The production process involves the following departments:


  • Cutting
    Steel bars are cut to length for use in the forging process
  • Forge
    Forgings are drop forged
  • Annealing
    The forgings are annealed to soften them for further manufactoring
  • Trimming
    Flash around the forged instrument is removed in the trimming process using presses