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Article Number Article Description Download
0386G000 ZzE 1 Glatt Drawing
0386H000 ZzE 1 Handform Drawing
0385K000 ZzE 1 Karo Drawing
0433K100 ZzE 1251 Karo links Drawing
0433K200 ZzE 1251 Karo rechts Drawing
0431K100 ZzE 1286 Karo links Drawing
0431K200 ZzE 1286 Karo rechts Drawing
0396G100 ZzE 17/18 Glatt links zu HF Drawing
0396H200 ZzE 17/18 Handform rechts Drawing
0393K100 ZzE 17/18 Karo links Drawing
0393K200 ZzE 17/18 Karo rechts Drawing
0399K100 ZzE 21 Karo links Drawing
0399K200 ZzE 21 Karo rechts Drawing
0403G400 ZzE 22 Glatt UT Drawing
0403H300 ZzE 22 Handform OT Drawing
0403K300 ZzE 22 Karo OT Drawing
0403K400 ZzE 22 Karo UT Drawing
0401G400 ZzE 22 S Glatt UT Drawing
0401H300 ZzE 22 S Handform OT Drawing
0401K300 ZzE 22 S Karo OT Drawing

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