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Article Number Article Description Download
0655D400 ZzE 773 Karo dg UT Drawing
0423D300 ZzE 774 Karo dg OT Drawing
0423D400 ZzE 774 Karo dg UT Drawing
0762D100 ZzE 779 Karo dg links Drawing
0762D200 ZzE 779 Karo dg rechts Drawing
0669G100 ZzE 79 Glatt links Drawing
0669H200 ZzE 79 Handform rechts Drawing
0670K100 ZzE 79 Karo links Drawing
0670K200 ZzE 79 Karo rechts Drawing
0391D100 ZzE 8 Karo dg links Drawing
0391D200 ZzE 8 Karo dg rechts Drawing
0680G000 ZzE 801 Glatt zu HF Drawing
0680H000 ZzE 801 Handform Drawing
0765H300 ZzE 804 Handform OT Drawing
0681G100 ZzE 817/818 Glatt links zu HF Drawing
0681H200 ZzE 817/818 Handform rechts Drawing
0661H300 ZzE 822 Handform OT Drawing
0659H300 ZzE 833 Handform OT Drawing
0683G100 ZzE 835 Glatt links zu HF Drawing
0683H200 ZzE 835 Handform rechts Drawing

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